When looking back on how this all started, I typically just smile and laugh about it. Oddly enough, this story starts at the bar. ;)

Some of y'all know this, and maybe some of y'all don't, but I started my bar career tending the bar on Sunday mornings at a local place known for mischief and fun. A group of guys had started a fun little scramble and asked me and some other friends to be their caddies. I knew nothing about golf, but we were all friends and no matter what we did, we had fun, so I went. 

That was the first annual Choir Golf Tournament that took place back in 2014. I spent the day riding around on a golf cart with one of my best friends, selling raffle tickets and causing trouble everywhere because we didn't know anything about golf etiquette or truly anything about the golf world, we were just two cute girls having fun with the guys on the greens, getting a tan...

Our Story

As the years went on, I grew more and more in love with this annual golf tournament. I loved getting everyone together, creating memories, and having fun pretending any of us were any good at this golf thing. I slowly started getting more involved in the tournament, until one day, I had this great idea while having a drink at the bar.

Back in early 2018, my now husband and one of our best friends were sitting at the bar, per usual, for an after-work drink. We were talking about how much we loved the idea of the annual tournament the guys had been putting together because it was more FUN than all the other tournaments out there. Just friends from the bar getting together and having fun, not caring too seriously about the game, just down for a good time. I was also looking for an outlet to build something meaningful at the time. I hadn't started my company even, and I wanted to help grow something and be able to give back to charity. I didn't really know how I wanted to do that yet, and I had something just click in my head that night. I wanted to build a charity golf tournament of my own, the way I wanted to build it.

After a few after work drinks, and a few bar hops later, I couldn't drop the idea. I kept talking about a charity golf tournament to everyone that night, focused on having fun and raising money for charity. I think we even decided on the name that night, Swing Your Wood. It made us laugh, it was perfect. The shots were coming, and thanks to that liquid courage, I posted to Facebook that I was hosting a golf tournament, even put a date out into the world. And then I continued to have some drinks with friends and forgot about the post. 

our story Cont.

Until the next day. I woke up with a ton of those little red notification buttons on my phone. Oh no, what did I post to Facebook?! I quickly opened my phone remembering I had suggested the tournament idea and got nervous of the response I was about to see.

I was completely shocked. Such an outpour of support surrounding the idea. Everyone was IN! And then, just as quickly as my head started to hurt with a slight hangover, panic mode kicked in. I had never hosted a golf tournament before and I had no idea what I had got myself into.

Looking back on those moments, to this day, make me laugh. I still have no idea what I've gotten myself into, but I'm pretty pumped that you're here and down for the ride! Whatever this turns into, we'll always focus on having fun and supporting charity, and that's all we really care about.

our story Cont.

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In 2011, after reading about the Salute Military Golf Association in a local newspaper, Matt Rosenberger, a competitive high school golfer, was inspired to form the North Texas Wounded Warrior Golf Association (NTWGA) with the intent to host annual fundraising golf tournaments supporting SMGA. Matt and his father, Glenn Rosenberger, hosted two fundraising golf tournaments and quickly developed a strong team of local sponsors.

In 2013, NTWGA hosted its first North Texas Warrior Golf Clinic patterned after SMGA’s eight-week warrior golf clinics that have improved the lives of hundreds of warriors. With the support of our tremendous sponsors, NTWGA was soon offering a full suite of rehabilitative golfing experiences for local warriors – clinics, local golf outings, golf trips, tournament playing opportunities and participation in PGA events.

In 2015, NTWGA transitioned to a 100% warrior-led program. Our Board of Directors and Warrior Ambassadors have all experienced the therapeutic benefits offered by warrior-focused golfing programs. We are dedicated to pay forward the benefits that we have reaped.

In 2016, NTWGA further focused its mission and dropped the word “Wounded” from its name. We are warriors, but our focus is not on being wounded. Now, as the North Texas Warrior Golf Association, we strive to fulfill our mission… to improve the lives of fellow warriors through the game of golf.

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